Spider Recipe

Aim: To make an ice cream float (a spider).


  • Cup
  • Straw
  • Spoon


  • Ice cream
  • Soft drink (any flavour)


  1. Pour the drink in the cup to halfway.



2. Put a full spoon of ice cream in the cup.


3. Dab the spoon on the ice cream and the bubbles will come up.

4. Put the straw into the cup.

5. Drink the spider!


Procedural text written by 1/2A

Awesome Staylate Sleepover

On Thursday the 7th of November, all of the grade 1/2s stayed at school. The grade 1s stayed until 6 o’clock and the grade 2s slept over. 


After school finished, we played on the playground. After that we ate sweet, juicy fruit for a snack. We had carrots, watermelon, bananas, strawberries, apples and celery.


After we ate fruit, we got to choose a game and we played it. We could choose from footy, poison ball, building blocks and board games, dancing and yoga.

The dancing was awesome!

We played heaps of games.

Then we ate fish and chips. It was tasty! We got to have fish, chips, dim sims and potato cakes. Then we ate zooperdooper icypoles. We also had cordial.


Then the grade 1s went home and the grade 2s began their sleepover.


Later, we made origami boxes. The teachers tricked us by saying that it was for our study (learning). But it was really for… A LOLLY HUNT!


After that, we put out our sleeping bags and organised them. Then we put on our stylish sleeping attire.


Then we went into the staff room and the teachers poured us a milo or milk or water and we got some chocolatey cookies. Then we watched two movies, had some popcorn, and then we got into our sleeping bags to sleep. The first movie was The Emporor’s New Groove and the second movie was Up! We stayed up until 11:30.


It was the best staylate sleepover in history! We felt really exhausted the next morning.  

Cheuk spilled his drink on his pyjamas!



Gruffalo Cupcakes – By Mrs Fintelman

Recently our grade has been reading lots of books by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, such as The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child, Zog, Tiddler and Stick Man. We have been really enjoying Axel’s illustrations  because of their details and colour, and have been finding little clues in the pictures. In the last week of term we made some Gruffalo Cupcakes. Here are some of them…

What is your favourite book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler? Why? 

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Footy Day Writing – by Mrs Fintelman

Our Wall of Footy Day writing

In our grade this year we have looked at a range of different text types. We have worked hard on learning how to write narrativespoems, recounts and information texts.

Hayley’s writer’s notebook entry for Footy Day

After Footy Day the 1/2A students were excited and wanted to write about the experience.


We used our writer’s notebooks to brainstorm some words and get all our ideas down on paper. Students were then given the challenge to pick a text type and use what they know about it to write about Footy Day. Recounts and poems were very popular!


Every single student wrote a fantastic piece of writing about Footy Day that proved to the teachers that the 1/2’s have truly taken on board our learning from this year. We saw some interesting and descriptive language, and lots of words that help to paint a picture in the reader’s head.

Oskay’s free verse poem

Saatvik wasn’t at school on Footy Day, but still chose to write a recount about what he did on the day.

Jiya’s triangle poem

Footy Day

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On the 5th of September, Aitken Creek Primary School celebrated Footy Day.

We made bar graphs about our favourite sports teams. We coloured the bars in with the colours of the teams. We had to see which team had the most supporters. Collingwood had 15 supporters! Carlton had 12.

Next, we played these games outside:
-Longest kick competition. Joshua (Jackson’s brother) won!
-Guess the jellybean competition. Elysse (Kristian’s sister) won!
-Design your own footy jumper competition
-Running race

Then we lined up in a straight line and walked all the way to the gym. After that we sat down and we watched the teachers and students play footy. The teachers won. The score was 59-84. Ahmad was the loudest cheerer! Mrs Fintelman went deaf sitting next to him! We all had fun and wish we could do it again.

We cheered for the student team.

We all dressed up in our favourite sports team colours.

Jackson is making his footy team bar graph.

Our Woodwork Incursion

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On Friday the 16th of August, Mrs Fintelman and the 1/2A  students went to the art room to build houses.


First, we listened to Anatoli and he explained to us what we were going to do and how to be careful when we were hitting the nail with the hammer into the wood.


Next, we put the wooden walls together with the floor. We put the nails in and started using the hammers. It was the first time using a hammer for many of us, and it was pretty hard! Most of us bumped ourselves with the hammer but we were very brave. Deacon got a purple and black finger.


Last, we designed our building on a piece of paper. We are going to turn them into haunted houses, toy shops, police stations, hospitals, cinemas and more!


We had lots of fun. We have never built a house before in our lives. Everyone’s houses were pretty amazing!

Literacy and Numeracy Day

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On Friday the 2nd of August, 1/2A celebrated Literacy and Numeracy day at our school.

In the morning we did reading, writing and maths activities with our parents.

Then, we went to the gym and had a parade. At the parade we showed our costumes to our parents and people in the school. We walked around to the Indiana Jones theme song. At the book costume parade we saw Spiderman, Harry Potter, Hermione, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Batman, princesses, Sleeping Beauty, Cat in the Hat, Ironman, Tinkerbell, Darth Vader, pirates, witches, an elephant, a dinosaur, Tigger, Little Red Riding Hood and lots more. There were fantastic costumes! Some people were wearing the same costume.

After that, we did lots of activities with the 1/2 teachers. We made masks from fairy tales, we made fairy bread into halves, quarters and eighths and sixteenths, and we made pictures of characters and added materials and drawings to them.

It was exciting and colourful because we were all wearing different coloured costumes. We had fun and we wish we could do it again!

Volcano Experiment

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Logo Design by FlamingText.com

In 1/2A we have been learning to mix materials together to see what they did. We did this because we want to be scientists.

EXPERIMENT: Mixing baking soda and vinegar in a volcano

HYPOTHESIS: (a guess about what will happen)

It will bubble up. It will explode. It will erupt.

MATERIALS: (what we used)

  • Red food dye
  • Vinegar
  • Teaspoon
  • Baking soda
  • Bottle
  • Volcano

METHOD: (steps/what we did)

  1. Put vinegar in a cup.
  2. Put 3 drops of food dye in the vinegar.
  3. Pour the vinegar into the bottle.
  4. Get some baking soda on a spoon.
  5. Pour it into the bottle.
  6. Watch what happens.
CONCLUSION: (what actually happened)
It bubbled up and lifted up out of the volcano and then fell back down to the ground. It made a noise like a rattlesnake, like ‘sssssssssssss’.
  • Why did it rise up? (Kayra)
  • Why did it come through the bottle? (Deacon)
  • Why didn’t it come up higher out of the volcano? (Oskay)
  • Why did it just go down the side instead of sticking? (Ahmad)
  • Why didn’t it go into the sky like a real volcano? (Irem)
  • Why did we have to put a bottle inside the volcano? (Hayley)
  • Why didn’t the volcano go BOOM? (Kristian)
  • Why did we make a volcano? (Jessica)


This post was written by 1/2A together as a class.

You can watch a video of some of our volcanoes erupting below.

Video filmed by Amarni.


Choosing a cover image

The first job we have to do for our new blog is to choose a cover image.

This is the picture that will go where the long blue rectangle is at the moment.

This picture needs to show people something about our grade so that when they look at our blog they know what it is about.

Important: To keep our privacy, we want to keep our faces out of any photos we show on our blog.

What should be in the image?

What do you want our audience to see when they look at our blog? 




Welcome to 1/2A’s blog.

This is an online place where will be sharing what we have learnt, publishing our hard work and showing off things we are proud of!

We will be learning how to write for our online audience. Our audience might include our parents. It might also be  students and teachers from Aitken Creek Primary School or other schools in Australia and around the world. It could be anyone!

Together we will decide what should go on our blog and who should write it.


What would you like to put on our blog?

What questions do you have about our blog?